Coral Bay / St. George Bay/Sea Caves Pegeia (Peyia) Area, Pafos Cyprus. Post Code 8560

Directions on Google Maps

From Paphos airport to Zeus Sublime Villa (Eratous street 5 Pegeia 8560) (34.879724574690044, 32.34722748074176): https://goo.gl/maps/GsiTi2XMFtu6YoD17

From Larnaca airport to Zeus Sublime Villa (Eratous street 5 Pegeia 8560) (34.879724574690044, 32.34722748074176): https://goo.gl/maps/1SnGcosN4uWvvUgV6


From Paphos airport to Apollon Harmony Villa  (Efterpis street 3 Pegeia 8560) (34.87934080905709, 32.34911945821358): https://goo.gl/maps/jALYuHJWmTfFFSiYA

From Larnaca airport to Apollon Harmony Villa (Efterpis street 3 Pegeia 8560)  (34.87934080905709, 32.34911945821358): https://goo.gl/maps/KHhYammJuDvWuBNa6


From Paphos airport to Dionysus Tranquil Villa (Efterpis street 5 Pegeia 8560)  (34.87943169922007, 32.34932458712171): https://goo.gl/maps/XmHaAqjrgiJP3Jpx5

From Larnaca airport to Dionysus Tranquil Villa (Efterpis street 5 Pegeia 8560) (34.87943169922007, 32.34932458712171): https://goo.gl/maps/KGcTTYJ33McLwvMFA



On leaving the airport car park turn left and continue along this road for approx. 4km (the sea will be on your right). You will reach a ‘T’ junction, turn left here following the signs for Pafos (Paphos). Continue along this road for approx 10km, passing through the villages of Acheleia and Koloni. As you come through the village of Yeroskipou (Geroskipou) you will come to a large roundabout. Take the 1st exit following signs to Kato Pafos – Tourist Area and then follow the instructions below marked GENERAL’


Drive about 50km to Lemesos (Limassol) using the motor-way, then about 45km to Pafos town where in the end of the motor-way you will find a roundabout. Take the 1st exit following sings to Kato Pafos. Follow the road straight for about 2km and you will reach another roundabout. Take the 2nd exit following sings to Kato Pafos – Tourist Area. Then follow the instructions below marked "GENERAL".

‘GENERAL’ (same from Pafos and Larnaka airport)

You will find yourself in a 4-lane road with trees and flowers on both sides. Continue straight on for about 3km. You will then reach another smaller roundabout. Take the 3rd exit (to the right) following signs to Peyia (Pegeia). It is a 4 lane road with pedestrian pavements and trees and flowers on both sides.

From this point continue STRAIGHT ON for about 20 km passing through several traffic lights in order to reach to your villa.

To make sure you are on the right track, notice a big Church on your left hand side at the third set of car traffic lights. Continue straight, you will reach to a large round about (on your right is the 'Kings Avenue Mall'), take the 2nd exit toTafoi Ton Vasileon (Tombs of the Kings), after which point you will see, on your left hand side, many hotels (Venus Beach Hotel, Laura Hotel, Azia Hotel, Atlantica Beach Hotel), bars and restaurants (the sea will always be on your left).

After a while you will see The Paphian Sun Complex on your left and after the THEO SUNSET BAY HOLIDAY VILLAGE - GIFT SHOP MINI MARKET - THEO SUNSET CAFE BAR  (and sign to Pegeia 6km, Kathikas 16km, Polis 33km). The road starts to go downhill and you will now follow the coastline for approx 1.5km.

You will reach to a small round about. This is Coral Bay - Pegeia (Peyia) area. There are signs to Coral Bay and Pegeia (Peyia), but NO TURN and PASS ACROSS the ROUND ABOUT and CONTINUE (the villas from this point are aprox. 3.5km).

You will pass the Philipos supermarket on your right, Petsas Restaurant/Apartments on your left and a Tavern on your right continue strait on on the main road passing the small road about and the Petrol station PETROLINA on your left. You will then see the Paphos International Sailing Club (P.I.S.C.) on your right and the Gem Auto Garage on your left.

Shortly after there is a round about and just opposite is the pub/tavern LEGION / PALIOMONASTIRO on your right and opposite to this a signpost situated to your left (pointing right) saying Police Station Pegeia (Peyia) and Polis. Just after the round about in the main road turn left which is VOUFON Street. On the corner of Voufon street there is a Municipality Sign printed with CORAL SUN VILLAS on the top left side.

If you reach the EKO Petrol Station you have gone too far and you must return back. VOUFON street is the turning to the right before this. The distance from LEGION Paliomonastiro put/tavern to the EKO Petrol Station is aprrox. 300 meters.

Follow the road VOUFON STREET around. The 1st right turning is Kleious Street and the 2nd street on the right is Terpsichoris Street.

TURN in the 3rd STREET ON YOUR RIGHT, which is DIKIMIOU Street.

Follow this winding single width asphalt track and at the end of this follow the instructions below (see also MAP ABOVE)

• To the Villa Zeus Sublime turn LEFT into the cul de sac. This is ERATOUS 5 street. The villa is the last on your right.

• To the Villas Apollon Harmony & Dionysus Tranquil drive straight ahead, T
urn RIGHT and AFTER  LEFT. The Villas are on your left. This is EFTERPIS 3 and 5 respt. street (they are the 2nd and 3rd villa on the left in this street, respectively).