About Cyprus

The island of Cyprus lies in the eastern Mediterranean, with its stunning natural beauty, superb heritage and glorious sunny climate. Cyprus has sandy beaches and pebble bays boarding clear turquoise waters along its breathtaking coastline. Rising up along the coastline is the Troodos mountains, with its emerald green slopes in the summer and iced snow caps in the winter. This ... Read More
Cyprus History
The history of Cyprus is one of the oldest in the world and dates back to the 7th century B/C. The arrival of the Mycenaean Greeks at first, followed by the Achaean Greeks has given Cyprus the typical Greek character. The Island has four major cities, Nicosia as the Island's Capital, then Larnaca as the Island's main airport, than Limassol as the Islands main seaport and with P... Read More
Education and Religion. Cyprus has a high standard of education. Schools and Universities still function with a high level of discipline. The island has several International Schools and also Paphos has a high standard at the International School in the city. The main religion on the island is Greek Orthodox. The island is covered with the most beautiful, picturesque, and histo... Read More
Climate & Temperature
  The location in the far end of the Mediterranean Sea guarantees Cyprus a unique climate because it is out of reach of the cold and wet influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Springtime starts during February and autumn stretching till mid- December and the winter is comparable to a mild and lovely European spring, Cyprus enjoys the best Mediterranean climate with more than 34... Read More
All passenger flights to Cyprus may only enter the Republic landing at either Larnaca or Paphos International Airport. Larnaca International Airport Information: Address : Larnaca International Airport, Postcode 7130Airport Code : LCA Location : The airport is located 5km (3 miles) from Larnaca Paphos International Airport Information. Address : Paphos Internat... Read More
Paphos - The Goddess town
Feel the romance in the air in the land where Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, once roamed. Swim in the sea by the rocks known as Petra tou Romiou where she was believed to have risen from the waves, make a pilgrimage to her sanctuary at Kouklia, or visit the grotto near Polis where she was supposed to have bathed.The Pafos region is the perfect place to celebrate a weddi... Read More
Lemesos - The second biggest town
The island’s second largest city, Lemesos is the island’s main port, the centre of the wine industry and a bustling holiday resort. The city fans out between two of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Cyprus built on cliff tops with spectacular views overlooking the sea – the ancient city-kingdoms of Amathous to the east and Kourion to the west. Find... Read More
Larnaka - East meets West
East meets West in Larnaka as both Christianity and Islam have revered religious sites here, with the mosque of Hala Sultan, an important Moslem place of pilgrimage, and the church of St Lazarus, Jesus’ friend whom he resurrected from the dead. The hilly region around Larnaka, is dotted with charming villages and has the largest concentration of traditional houses availa... Read More
Troodos - The Mountains
Take a trip into the mountains to discover an alternate view of the island. Rising to almost 2,000 metres above sea level, the Troodos peaks provide panoramic scenes to all corners of the island, a cool retreat from the heat of the coast and popular for taking in the healthy mountain air and enjoying nature in all its majesty. Charming villages, some with cobbled streets and p... Read More
Lefkosia - The Capital
The Lefkosia region combines a great, diverse cultural wealth with the contemporary everyday life. At the centre lies the capital, a place that smoothly merges the modern business centre with the historic culture. The only divided capital of the world, steeped in history and culture with a beautiful old city surrounded by massive Venetian walls, and a museum with wonderful col... Read More
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